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2022-07-29 19:44:16 By : Ms. Wendy Lee

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A dried-out cork can lead to oxidation and spoiled wine. Prevent this by always storing your wine upside down or on its side.

by: Logan DeLoye, BestReviews Staff

A dried-out cork can lead to oxidation and spoiled wine. Prevent this by always storing your wine upside down or on its side.

by: Logan DeLoye, BestReviews Staff

Something as fragile as a bottle of wine should not be carried in any old paper sack. Wine totes provide safe and convenient transport for your wine bottles while also keeping them at the desired temperature. 

When purchasing a wine tote, it is important to consider insulation, capacity and material. If you are looking for a temperature-controlled wine tote with a sleek design and a large carrying capacity, the Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Leather Wine Bag is the top choice.

Wine totes will hold anywhere from one bottle of wine to six. Midsize wine totes will carry two to four bottles and will secure them with elastic straps or dividers. 

Wine tote designs can range from casual to elegant. Typically you cannot see through wine totes, as most are designed to hide the contents. A few wine totes are designed so that you can also store food with them at the correct temperature.  

Most wine totes are made of canvas and polyester, while some expensive models are made of leather. Wine totes with sturdier bases are able to stand up on their own, while others will need to lean against another object for support. 

If you’re simply looking to transport wine safely from the store to your home, then don’t be too concerned about insulation. But if you plan to take your wine on a day trip or to an event, added insulation will ensure that the wine will remain at its proper temperature when you arrive at your destination. Insulation is also a useful feature if you plan to carry food in your wine tote. 

Wine totes that are well insulated and also allow for food storage will feature multiple compartments. These are typically made with mesh fabric so you can see what you have packed more clearly. Generally, these compartments will feature button or Velcro closures. 

Wine totes will feature handles, shoulder straps or both. In most cases, shoulder straps are adjustable for length. For more information, take a look at the full wine tote buying guide from BestReviews.

Simple one- or two-bottle wine totes can be found for $15-$20. For a larger-capacity tote with accessories, expect to spend between $20-$30, while higher-end totes will range from $35-$100. 

A. Most wines should be served at least slightly chilled. Recommendations vary about ideal serving temperatures, but generally, champagnes and light wines should be the coldest, at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit; full-bodied whites and rosé are best enjoyed between 45 and 55 degrees; while lighter reds should be only a bit cool. Bold red wine does not need to be chilled and is best served just below room temperature. 

A. Storing wine above 90 degrees for a prolonged period will cause substantial damage, and the wine will lose its intended taste. After many hours at this temperature, the wine will lose its brightness, turn brown in color, and its sulfur dioxide levels will fall. 

Wine Enthusiast 6 Bottle Wine Bag 

What you need to know: This stylish wine tote is lightweight and durable and features a tall, spacious design with a large carrying capacity. 

What you’ll love: It features an adjustable strap and holds oversized bottles as well as standard 750-milliliter bottles without clanking and breaking. The thermal insulation and reusable ice pack keep wine chilled during transport. 

What you should consider: The exterior of this wine tote is easily scratched. 

OPUX Insulated Wine Carrier 

What you need to know: This wine carrier comes with a corkscrew bottle opener and features padded lining for efficient temperature control. 

What you’ll love: This tote features an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap along with padded hand straps. Its interior flap ensures that the wine bottles will fit regardless of size and offers padded divider protection.

What you should consider: This product is not waterproof and has been known to leak. 

Picnic at Ascot Travel 2 Bottle Wine Tote 

What you need to know: This wine tote features a top zip closure for added security. 

What you’ll love: This product comes with a corkscrew and features an adjustable shoulder strap. 

What you should consider: If carrying two bottles of wine, there is no room to pack food or other items. 

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond

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