Yeti Roadie Wheeled Review: Is the $500 Cooler Worth Buying?

2022-07-22 19:41:45 By : Ms. Elaine Zhou

By Amanda Tarlton | Updated Jul 22, 2022 11:24 AM

Confession: I am a bit of a Yeti evangelist. If Yeti makes it, chances are I own it. The Rambler Tumbler? Duh—it’s what keeps me hydrated every day. The Yeti Hopper? Absolutely; it’s my go-to for boat days and backyard picnics. The Tundra Haul? Of course! It’s easily one of my favorites.

So when I heard that the brand was releasing the Yeti Roadie Wheeled cooler, I immediately jumped on it. (And by jumped on it, I mean ordered one for myself.) Here are my honest thoughts on the $500 cooler—and whether or not it’s worth the splurge.

The Yeti Roadie Wheeled is exactly what it sounds like: the wildly popular Yeti Roadie cooler but on wheels. The design upgrade allows it to come in two larger sizes—48 pounds and 60 pounds—than the standard Roadie, which is only available in a 24-pound capacity. It’s currently only available on Yeti’s website, where it retails for $450 to $500.

As expected, the wheels might be my favorite part of this updated cooler. Gone are the days of trying to lug a heavy, ice-filled cooler to the beach, only to arrive with rub marks, a tired arm, and a bad mood. With the Yeti Roadie Wheeled, I can just grab the handle and be on my way—little effort required. The wheels roll very well over almost any terrain (yes, even sand!), and the telescoping handle allows you to pull it from a distance that keeps the body of the cooler away from your heels so you can walk comfortably.

Of course, the cooler itself is fantastic, upholding the brand’s reputation. We recently drove from Baltimore to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with the Roadie packed full of meat, dairy, and other perishables. It sat in the heat for almost 12 hours before it was unpacked—and it was just as cold as when we left. I’ve also left ice in the cooler for more than 24 hours, and it did not melt a bit. That’s some good insulation.

Another huge perk is the convenient drain plug at the base, which the regular Roadie lacks.

Last, but not least, it also comes with a dry goods basket that sits at the top of the cooler like a little shelf for your snacks. Finally, a way to pack my favorite cheddar Goldfish without needing a separate tote—or worse, ending up with a soggy bag of crackers.

To be honest, I only have one complaint about the Yeti Roadie Wheleed: I wish it came in more color options, as the other Yeti coolers do. (Seafoam or Nordic Blue, anyone?) Currently, the cooler is only available in white or charcoal. However, if I were to guess, a larger palette will be something that happens later down the road.

If you were already planning to purchase a Yeti Roadie, I would 10/10 recommend just investing an extra $200 for the larger Yeti Roadie Wheeled. It’s worth it when you’re effortlessly pulling it along behind you rather than suffering from chafing and sore muscles as you try to carry it around by a strap.

It has the infamous Yeti insulation capabilities, too, so you can keep everything frosty cold for days on end—a plus if you’re camping or traveling. Of course, $450 or even $500 isn’t cheap but, to me, you get your money’s worth from everything this bad boy has to offer in terms of capacity, cooling, and convenience.

Psst: The Roadie Wheeled also comes with free returns and a 5-year warranty when you purchase from So, if you don’t like it or if something happens to it while you’re out on an adventure, Yeti customer service can help.

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