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Crime in the first quarter of 2022 remained relatively steady according to data provided by the Emeryville Police Department. Reported Crime has been steadily creeping up since bottoming out during the early part of the pandemic.

Violent crime in the first quarter of 2022 remained relatively low according to the EPD’s data. Violent crime in March saw its lowest totals since April 2020.

Property crime has seen a steady increase since bottoming-out amid the pandemic lockdowns.

Property crimes in March saw their second highest totals in a year driven by a spike in commercial burglaries.

Crime statistics are reported by the EPD through CommunityCrimeMap.com. An archive of monthly crime statistics provided can be viewed on the city website.

The City of Emeryville is divided into the following ten geographical areas:

1. San Pablo Avenue 2. North Emeryville 3. Emery Bay 4. Peninsula 5. Shellmound 6. Artist Colony 7. San Pablo Avenue – South 8. Triangle 9. East Bay bridge (East) 10. East Bay bridge (West) 11. Outside of City Limits

The reporting district matrix lists the category and number of crimes reported by district. The descriptions below are “highlights” and are not provided for every crime reported.

Download the Crime Analysis Case Studies on Emeryville.org.

Parking lot of Nordstrom Rack, 3839 Emery St., #100: An unknown male carjacked a female, picked up a female acquaintance in the parking lot and, fled the area. EPD officers located the unoccupied vehicle minutes later in Oakland. SUSPECT: #1 Male, thin build, wearing a black hoodie, and acid washed jeans. #2 Female, heavy set, long auburn hair, wearing a dark colored shirt, and gray sweatpants.

Hilton Garden Inn, 1800 Powell St. (ATTEMPT): A male entered the business and demanded employees to fill his bag with money. EPD arrested the suspect shortly afterwards.

Bay Street parking garage Level 1B, 5601-5699 Bay St.: A strongarm robbery occurred. LOSS: Purse. SUSPECT: Unknown person, 5’10” wearing a dark gray baseball cap, a ski mask, and dark clothing. The suspect fled to a vehicle, later determined to be stolen. At Uniqlo, 5606 Bay St.: A female shoplifter used force to steal store merchandise. EPD arrested the female shortly afterwards. IFO Carter’s, 5791 Christie Ave.: A strongarm robbery occurred. LOSS: Backpack. SUSPECT: Male, wearing a mask, a gray hooded sweatshirt, and gray hat. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Volkswagen Jetta, gray/silver.

CVS Pharmacy, 4349 San Pablo Ave.: A female shoplifter stole merchandise and threatened a store employee with pepper spray as she exited the store. SUSPECT: Female, 5’8”, curly hair, wearing gray pants and carrying a black backpack. Los Cantaros, 4115 San Pablo Ave.: An irate customer threatened to beat up the cashier and stole the tip jar containing approximately $40 dollars. SUSPECT: Male, thin build, wearing a red and white plaid shirt and faded blue jeans.

Parking lot of Pak N Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave.: A strongarm robbery occurred. LOSS: Backpack. SUSPECT: Male, 5’10”, thin build, wearing a mask, a blue hooded sweatshirt, and jeans.

Parking lot of Target, 1555 40th St.: A strongarm robbery occurred. LOSS: Purse. SUSPECT: Male, 20-30 years old, thin build, wearing a gray sweatshirt. SUSPECT VEHICLE: A gray sedan. The suspect is possibly the same individual who robbed a female in front of Carter’s

Denny’s Restaurant, 1776 Powell St.: A patron threw a plate at another patron’s head causing injury. SUSPECT: Unknown female, no further description. 63XX Christie Ave #XXX: A man choked his girlfriend during a domestic violence incident.

Parking lot of Burger King 5701 Christie Ave.: A man hit his girlfriend with his vehicle at a slow rate of speed, then left the area. Rear parking lot of Ross Dress for Less, 5733 Christie Ave.: A security officer asked a man who was searching through the dumpster to move along. The man swung his scooter at the security officer and fled the area.

Near Wing Stop, 4133 San Pablo Ave.: A male suspect stole a skateboard from a juvenile, at the nearby skate park, and used the skateboard to hit another man on the head. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

Peralta & 36th Streets: During a vehicle stop, an unknown suspect intentionally reversed his vehicle into the patrol vehicle and fled the scene.

Public Storage, 6501 Shellmound St.: POE: Storage lock – cut. LOSS: Tools and keys.

Chevy’s Restaurant, 1890 Powell St.: POE: Window – Shattered. LOSS: None.

Decathlon, 3938 Horton St.: (ATTEMPT): A male suspect threw a boulder at the glass door. There was no entry made.

15XX Park Ave: POE: Unknown. LOSS: Mail/packages from the mailroom. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, no further description. #2 Female wearing a mask, no further description. At the same location, unknown suspect(s) left pry marks on security doors. LOSS: None.

40XX Harlan St.: A male and female entered the building using a key. LOSS: Several packages/mail. SUSPECT VEHICLES: #1 Maserati, black. #2 Newer Chevy Silverado truck, white in color.

11XX 40th St. #XXX: POE: Door – Pried. LOSS: (2) Laptops, a camera, (2) lens, a battery, and a camera bag. 38XX San Pablo Ave.: #XXX: POE: Unknown/Mailroom. LOSS: Mail. 10XX 46th St.: POE: Unknown – Mailroom. LOSS: Several packages/mail. SUSPECT: Male, heavy set, short dark hair. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Chevy truck 2-Door, white in color.

Of the 20 vehicles reported stolen:

IFO Marshall’s 5795 Christie Ave.: An unknown male approached a female from behind, snatched the female’s purse, and caused her to fall to the ground. The suspect fled to an awaiting vehicle and left the area. The suspect(s) returned to the location and stole the victim’s vehicle. LOSS/Recovered: Purse and keys. The victim’s cell phone is still outstanding. Victim Vehicle: 2018 Mercedes GLC, recovered intact the following day.

At Spoiled Boutique, 5659 Bay St.: A female shoplifter used force to steal merchandise. LOSS/Recovered: Clothing. SUSPECTS: #1 Older female with a blue ponytail, 5’6” tall. #2 Older Female, tall, heavy set, wearing a see through top and leggings. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Honda Accord, gold.

Sunglass Hut, 5673 Bay St.: Three suspects double parked their vehicle in front of the location, entered the store and stole merchandise by force. LOSS: (4) pairs of sunglasses. Other sunglasses were recovered damaged. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, 6’0”, thin build, wearing a red hooded sweater, a black jacket, black sweatpants with NIKE on the left pant leg, and white shoes. #2 Male 6’0”, thin build, wearing a gray hooded sweater, black jacket, jeans, and white shoes. #3 Female, medium build, wearing a black jacket, jeans, and black shoes. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Unknown sedan, dark, with a dent on the driver side rear passenger door.

3600 San Pablo Ave.: An unknown suspect forced his way into the victim’s apartment and removed cash and a roll of quarters from the victim’s coin purse. The suspect left the area. SUSPECT: Male, 6’2”, skinny build, wearing a tan hat and a red hat with a brown jacket. In District 9 at Pak N Save, 3889 San Pablo Ave., a male shoplifter used force to steal store merchandise. LOSS: A sandwich and chips.

Target, 1555 40th St.: Two female shoplifters stole merchandise. One of the females used force against store personnel and was able to flee the area with some merchandise. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Volkswagen sedan.

Target, 1555 40th St.: A female customer became irate after not receiving all cash for her return. The female grabbed the cash from the counter and a struggle ensued between the female and two employees. The female picked up one employee’s cell phone from the floor and snatched a gold chain from the other employee’s neck. The female then fled the store. The employees were able to recover the cash. SUSPECT: Female, late 20s early 30s.

Parking lot of Target, 1555 40th St.: An unknown male attempted to snatch a female’s purse. During the struggle, a cell phone charger fell out of the purse. The suspect grabbed the cell phone charger and fled the area. SUSPECT: Male, 5’10”, 180 lbs., wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Black sedan, no further description.

6200 block of Doyle St.: A male suspect came to his ex-girlfriend’s residence, slashed her current boyfriend’s vehicle tire, and cut the boyfriend on his hand. The suspect fled prior to police arrival.

Bay Street Mall, 5601-5699 Bay St.: A fight ensued between juveniles resulting in a female stomping and kicking another female.

Coulter Steel and forge Company, 1494 67th St.: POE: Rear door forced open. LOSS/Recovered: Forklift.

5300 Horton St., POE: Door pried. An unknown suspect(s) rummaged through the building. LOSS: Unknown.

Red Wings 3850 San Pablo Ave #101: POE: Front door – Window smashed. LOSS: iPad.

1250 Powell St.: POE: Unknown: An unknown suspect gained access to the secure garage. Multiple storage lockers were opened and damaged. LOSS: Dewalt multi angle draw saw.

Pacific Park Plaza, 6363 Christie Ave.: Three male suspects entered the garage in a vehicle, proceeded to the bicycle rack, and cut the locks off bicycles. LOSS: (4) Bicycles. 63XX Christie Ave #XXX: POE: Bedroom window – Smashed with a rock. LOSS: Electronics, cash, clothing, and jewelry. In

X Admiral Dr. #XXX: POE: Front door – Pried. LOSS: Jewelry.

5684 Bay St.: Two suspects entered the garage and attempted to steal mail/packages. EPD arrested both suspects shortly thereafter.

15XX Park Ave.: An unknown suspect gained access to the secure garage and stole a bicycle from the bicycle rack.

1121 40th St.: POE: Garage. A male suspect attempted to break into the mailroom. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter. 10XX 43rd St.: #X POE: Window – screen removed. LOSS: None. At 36XX San Pablo Ave., POE: Unknown. LOSS: A bicycle.

Of the 11 vehicles reported stolen:

6300 block of Christie Ave.: An attempted rape occurred. The suspect is known to the victim.

Park Ave & Hubbard St.: Four male teens riding scooters carjacked a pizza delivery driver who had left his vehicle double parked with the engine running. Oakland Police located the vehicle two weeks later, unoccupied on the 1600 block of 15th St. and turned it over to EPD.

Sunglass Hut, 5673 Bay St.: Two males and one female entered the business, one of the suspects pepper sprayed a store employee and a security officer while the other suspects grabbed merchandise. LOSS: (32) Gucci Sunglasses. SUSPECTS: #1 Male, medium build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, a COVID mask, dark jeans, and white shoes. #2 Female, medium build, wearing teal hooded sweatshirt with a yellow emblem on the right shoulder, a COVID mask, blue jeans with ripped knees, and brown Ugg style boots. #3 Male, wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt, COVID mask, and jeans.

5400 block of Hollis St.: Two male suspects robbed a female at gunpoint, and a third suspect drove the getaway vehicle. LOSS: (1) Cell phone and wallet containing $100 cash. SUSPECT VEHICLE: 2005-2010 Nissan Altima.

7Eleven, 4000 San Pablo Ave.: A male shoplifter used force to steal merchandise. LOSS: (2) Cell phone battery chargers. SUSPECT: Male, 6’2”, dark complexion, 35 years old, thin build, and wearing a dreadlock hairstyle. SUSPECT VEHICLE: 2010 Toyota Camry.

7-Eleven 4000 San Pablo Ave.: A male shoplifter used force to steal merchandise. LOSS: Miscellaneous food items.

Parking lot of Target, 1555 40th St.: A male suspect pushed a female down and took her purse. SUSPECT: Male, young, dark complexion, thin build, wearing a black top with a white hood, and dark pants. LOSS: Purse containing a cell phone, $200-$300 cash, and credit cards. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Toyota sedan, white, no further description.

Amtrak, 5885 Horton St.: An intoxicated patron punched an employee on the mouth causing injury. The patron was upset because he was asked to wear a face mask. EPD arrested the suspect shortly thereafter.

Bay Street Mall, 5601 Bay St.: A male juvenile displayed a replica firearm in public that had its safety device removed or altered. A maintenance worker found the replica firearm that was left in the bathroom. EPD contacted the suspect who was cited and released to his parent.

4300 block of Salem St.: An unknown suspect willfully discharged a firearm resulting in a bullet landing in a resident’s yard. There were no injuries.

5400 Hollis St., (Construction site) POE: Double doors forced open. LOSS: 750 feet of high voltage m/c cable. SUSPECT: Male, wearing a light gray hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up, with a large yellow and green A’s logo on the left chest, light gray sweatpants with an A’s logo on the left leg. The suspect used a cart located inside the building to remove the cable.

5300 Chiron Wy (Construction site) POE: Window. LOSS: Undetermined.

5300 Chiron Wy (Construction site) POE: Main entrance – Lock cut. LOSS: None. A foreman interrupted a suspect attempting to steal copper. The suspect dropped the copper and fled the area.

5300 Chiron Wy (Construction site). POE: Unknown. LOSS: Wire, hand tools, and light towers.

5300 Chiron Wy (Construction Site) POE: Unknown suspect made a hole in the wall for entry. LOSS: Copper.

Apollo Crematorium, 4080 Horton St., POE: Roll up gate – ripped off. An audible alarm was activated, and upon arrival officers saw two males fleeing the area in a black BMW vehicle. LOSS: NONE.

CVS Pharmacy, 4349 San Pablo Ave.: POE: Unknown suspect cut a hole in the roof. LOSS: Miscellaneous merchandise. The suspect(s) attempted to access the Citi Bank ATM and a California Lottery Machine causing major damage.

Los Contaros Taqueria, 4115 San Pablo Ave.: POE: Rear door – Pried. LOSS: Cash register.

Adobe, 1250 53rd St.: POE: Door – Lock picked. EPD arrested a male suspect at the scene. LOSS: None

Adobe, 1250 53rd St.: POE: Door – forced open. LOSS: (3) Computers. SUSPECT: Male, short hair, 30s, goatee, wearing a navy-blue sweater, light blue jeans, brown shoes with white soles, and a blue backpack. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Jeep SUV, white with black rims.

City Storage, 4004 Adeline St.: POE: Storage locker – pad lock removed and replaced. LOSS: Approximately (30) cases of wine.

12XX 66th St.: POE: Garage door. LOSS: Bicycle.

5855 Horton St.: POE: Fence cut to access the garage. LOSS: Household goods.

6400 Christie Ave.: A male suspect gained access to the mailroom and pried open mailboxes. LOSS: Unknown.

6401 Christie Ave. #XXXX: POE: Door – Key entry. LOSS: $2000.

6399 Christie Ave.: POE: Storage Unit. LOSS: Storage bins containing household goods.

5684 Bay St.: A male and female gained access to the garage and pried mailboxes open. EPD arrested both suspects and returned the stolen mail.

4053 Harlan St.: POE: Door – Key fob used. A male and female entered the building and proceeded to the mailboxes. Moments later both suspects are seen exiting the building. LOSS: Undetermined.

Of the 34 vehicles reported stolen:

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